[testing ground – stuff in development]


we at proudExpo, love to play, we do it, everyday…

as part of this life [and artistic] philosophy, we like to keep our juices flowing and play around with new ideas as much as we possibly can…

a good way to do that is at TESTING GROUND: our newest venture –

every month, or so, we like meet up and experiment with new ideas.  these meetings are with performers, writers, directors, designers, visual artists, dramaturgs, puppeteers… you name it…

we’ll spend a day working: doing some skill sharing, discussion and testing out ideas for new works [physically, textually, vocally] and who knows what might come about.

This page documents our latest work in development, have an ogle at our goodies, go on…



written and performed by Drew Taylor

Commissioned for the Brighton International Festival, this new poetic show examines the inevitability of time, the durability of living and how perhaps, to live your life by Cyndi Lauper lyrics.

This show previewed at the Arches, and is currently touring.

More details can be found at Drew’s site here



conceived by Drew Taylor, written in conjunction with proudExposure ensemble

[content]: how mass media has a negative affect on individuals throughout the ages – featuring former athena model hearthrob Adam Perry, plastic surgery obsessed teenagers, a desperate-for-a-date mother unable to understand her gender confused daughter, comic book code creator Jeremy Wertham, a street urchin and a cameo from Eddie Izzard.

[style]: a 10 strong cast, multi-layer text stylistically similar to David Greig’s “San Diego”



written by drew taylor

performed at Arches scratch [November ’09] by Isabelle Joss and Julia Taudevin

[content]: an examination of gender prejudice, of parental struggle and finding friendship in a most unlikely place

[style]: an intense two hander, potentially suited to a site specific presentation in a sterile observation room

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